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We are passionate about empowering you with renewable energy solutions.

A significant energy deficit and high threat to climate change has created an energy challenge in Africa. This has lead to issues such as narrowed seasonal harvest gaps and failure to generate enough electricity for the growing population.

We saw the need to bridge this gap within the energy sector and rose to the occasion in 2011. Our passion lies in using renewable energy solutions as an important strategic and sustainable action to resolve these energy demands.

With your help, we can move towards an eco-friendlier environment. Together, we can be actors of change and work towards the 13th Sustainable Development Goal which is to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

These are the values we live up to.

Our daily habits have a huge impact on who we are and what we do. They determine our level of success and the positive impact we can make in your life and our environment. Therefore, the following are guiding principles that we live by.


You can depend and rely on us to stick to our commitments.


We build trust by being honest and taking responsibility for our actions.


We use our creativity to deliver value-based solutions to you.


We embrace diversity as we work together towards a common goal.


We value everyone and treat each other with dignity and professionalism.


We endeavor to communicate openly and truthfully with you at all times.

We serve both domestic and commercial clients.

For almost a decade now, we have provided alternative and cost-effective energy solutions to businesses, farmers, and households in Zambia with an expanding presence in Southern African Countries. If you want to harness the power of the sun for clean and cheap energy, we are here to serve you.



With a backup system and products like solar geysers, you can carry out your daily home activities and enjoy a relaxing hot shower at your best convenience.


With a photo voltaic system, say goodbye to pressure caused by work being interrupted due to power outages and say hello to increased work efficiency.


With products like our solar water pumps, you can rely on an exceptional farm irrigation system providing you with sufficient water supply for your produce.


There is no project too small or big for us to help with. We Have a wide range of products and services and they are tailored to fit your specific needs.

We are a dedicated, experienced and hard working team.

Our goal is to ensure that we deliver the best products and projects to you at a very competitive price. We aspire to be the best at what we do and to meet your specific point of need when it comes to renewable energy.

We have various departments including management, engineering, technical, operations and accounts. Each department undergoes a series of rigorous training to ensure high level of competence for the delivery of excellent service.

With this training, experience, and knowledge base, we work towards pushing the agenda of clean green energy as the main source of energy in Africa. We are passionate about this and strive to make every installation and product sold count towards the goal we seek to make a reality.

We value hard work, honesty, accountability, and respect among ourselves and towards you. We pledge to serve you diligently and hope to inspire a culture of transparency and trust.

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