Renewable Energy

Why use Renewable Energy?

Do you want to save money in the long run, as well as fight against climate change and the covid-19 pandemic?

If so, then this is exactly why you should choose to settle for renewable energy, both in your organisation and your home. At Greenfield Energy Corporation Ltd, we have realised the huge impacts that solar energy has on the community at large. Some benefits of choosing renewable energy include: 

Present and Future Energy Solutions: With the power deficit experienced by Zambia and other countries due to low water levels, the energy from the sun will provide electricity which will be beneficial all year round. Energy from direct sunlight means enough energy every day and it will not disturb ongoing activities i.e. cooking at home or electricity at work which is needed when carrying out highly important tasks. Once you invest in solar energy, you will create sustainability for future generations.

An important factor in preventing disease and fighting pandemics: The UN highlights how energy services play a fundamental role in disease prevention and the fight against pandemics. These range from providing healthcare facilities with power that could run life-saving equipment to creating communities where services such as IT are in constant operation and maintenance regarding communications and connections with people, all while ensuring that social distancing is upheld.

Highly beneficial in farms: Tools such as water pumps are important in farm irrigation; this provides secure tools for farmers to use all year round to continuously grow their vegetables. Also, most farms have with them the challenge of electricity shortages most of the time.

The best alternative that you must use is solar energy because the sun is the primary energy source that is used in solar applications; besides, Sub-Saharan Africa is known to benefit from year-round sunshine. Solar energy is a renewable clean source of electricity and as responsible citizens; we should use resources that could contribute to environmental development.

With your help, we can move towards an eco-friendlier environment. Together, we can be actors of change and work towards the 13th Sustainable Development Goal which is to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

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